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Sport Specific Training, No Such Thing!

Sport specific training has become a popular term within the sport training industry. Unfortunately, this term has become nothing but a marketing ploy to sell products and programs. There is no such thing as sport specific training, unless you are practicing the sport you play. All other training is generalized and should be focused on improving work threshold levels and overall athleticism.

For more information please visit the article, The Wheel of Conditioning




The Wheel of Conditioning

The “Wheel” (description below) represents various attributes that the “performance coach” keenly looks to development but ensuring at all times each “spoke” is of equal ability and recognizes how they work together. The target of “equal ability” is to ensure the foundation is granite solid and with skill and tactical knowledge development will play an integral role in building the better player and team.



• Drive, Determination lay at the center of the hub for which all else revolves around and without success will be limited. Once an athlete understands and accepts “adversity is something that you overcome” they will withstand the rigors towards goal achievement.

• Sport Skill / Tactical Knowledge as noted previously this area is the concern of a specialised coach, yet “performance conditioning” expert must be keenly aware of these needs and apply a strategy towards the goal.

• Range of Motion, Static: To be strong and powerful you must be “soft” and capable of “folding” effortlessly in managing sporting needs. Range of motion needs to be stressed in every situation and in recognition of the body’s three basic planes of motion:

• Coronal plane: cutting the front and back portions of the body.

• Sagittal plane: cutting the right and the left segments of the body.

• Transverse plane: dividing the top and the bottom parts of the body.

• Range of Motion, Dynamic (see above and to be discussed in private settings).

• Agility is paramount to the success in the sport of Rugby and a by-product of proper training in every “spokes” of the wheel (to be discussed at a later date within strength training) they are specific approaches that are highly influential and equally carryover to skill requirements.

• Linear Speed, like “agility” is of utmost importance in the development of an athlete but by-product of every “spoke” of the wheel as well as very specific drills and regimes.

• Strength is an extremely broad term and for our consideration loosely categorized in sub-headings of relative strength, absolute strength, starting strength, explosive strength, strength endurance and speed strength. Each of these is of importance to the developing player, dependent upon level of maturation within an overall goal of “strength training” to reduce the risk of injury and improve sports specific power and speed.

• Work Threshold / General Physical Preparation (“GPP”) is at the core of Renegade Training™ which will in fact serve as the foundation that all other work to be built upon. All training is a product of having sufficient levels of fitness and improved levels of overall athleticism such that proper postural alignment is maintained and the vast specialized skills needed to excel can be built.  Unlike typical “Cardio” training, GPP implements simple patterns of calisthenics based exercise aimed to decrease body fat levels, skyrocket conditioning and provide a simple & effective way to lose weight.