I have been studying exercise and sport performance ever since I began learning the basics of strength and conditioning, Renegade Style. I grew up learning how to performing various lifts in my garage. I learned a great deal from Renegade Training, and would often have practice coaching Renegade Training to other athletes when my father ran speed or strength training programs in the community.

Unlike many other programs that train their athletes to become better in the weight room, I train my athletes to perform better on the playing field. It is one thing to be able to lift a weight in a controlled environment and it is completely different to prepare an athlete to manage the chaos of the sporting environment.

As great as Renegade Training is at developing athletes, I began to re-think health, fitness and athletic development when I began studying John Davies’s, Founder of Renegade Training, DMC Training program. DMC is not simply a program where you lift a weight and put it down. DMC addresses muscular imbalances and weaknesses, increase work threshold levels and ultimately improves performance and quality of life. There is no fitness or athletic development program that can match Renegade Training and DMC when put together into a training program.

My philosophy when working with an athlete is not how can I make this personal faster, stronger or more powerful, but how can I make them a better athlete, on and off the field. I show and educate my athletes not only the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, but how to go about making lifestyle changes so that you truly are committing to living a healthy lifestyle. This is how you build healthier communities and is a mission I have committed my career to doing.

OneHockey, Roc City Elite,

Danny’s coaching roles.

  • 3 years assistant coach with Churchville-Chili Saints Hockey Team
  • 3 years head coach of Churchville-Chili JV Fames
  • 1 year Head Coach Roc City Elite

Training background

  • I have been training young athletes, high school, NCAA and professional athletes for the past 6 years. 
  • Strength and conditioning and wellness coach for Churchville-Chili Saints Hockey organization

Business roles

  • Owner of Pursuit Health and Fitness 
  • Owner of Pursuit Hockey
  • DMCRochester

Danny is available on TwitterFacebook, and Google +. You can also email him at danlupiani@gmail.com

I look forward to working with you. Contact me today so we can get you started on your Pursuit.


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